Aaron’s case is the perfect example of how to create a fantastic smile makeover without needing to veneer or bond every tooth. 

It’s also a great example of how non-invasive techniques like porcelain veneers can go hand in hand with composite bonding to stunning effect.

Aaron came to us with several concerns about his smile: 

He wanted a wider, whiter smile with his incisor teeth looking as perfect as they could be, but at the same time, he wanted a natural-looking result.

Dr Mark Hughes first began by aligning Aaron’s teeth into the optimal position before widening his smile and correcting the gum lines. The total treatment time was around seven months.

Dr Hughes continued treatment with four weeks of advanced teeth whitening before beginning advanced smile design using a ‘test drive’ smile preview to ensure Aaron would love the final results before starting his veneers and bonding treatment.

Dr Hughes placed Aaron’s upper veneers using minimal preparation. Aaron chose durable, stain-resistant porcelain to ensure his smile would retain its colour and strength for many years to come.

We’d expect Aaron to get 15-20 years of smiles from his veneer if he follows the team’s expert care instructions.

Aaron opted for more conservative composite bonding to correct his lower teeth. This will give Aaron around a decade of fantastic form and function and the option to replace with porcelain veneers later.    

Aaron said he was delighted with the subtle improvement that enhanced his appearance without creating an unnatural look.

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