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Canon House brings together a team of highly experienced dentists, many of whom have practiced on London’s prestigious Harley Street, to offer patients treatment in a relaxed and private setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The team features a renowned orthodontist and cosmetic and general dentists who enjoy years of combined experience in practice at the height of the dentistry profession. Together, they are committed to creating stunning smiles and achieving excellent long-term health.

The team’s outstanding care and superb cosmetic results are just some of the reasons why this small but leading-edge clinic attracts an international clientele who refuse to settle for anything short of the finest treatment.


The Canon House team cover the spectrum of dentistry disciplines.

Care begins with family-friendly general dental services, designed to keep smiles in perfect long-term shape. For beautiful smile enhancement, look no further than cosmetic dentistry by Canon House, led by Harley Street clinician with over 30 years experience, Mark Hughes.

We also carry out advanced and complex restorative work – including lifelike dental implants – which is quite literally life-changing for our patients. Together, Canon House services represent the ultimate in bespoke, long-term functional and aesthetic care.

Dr Mark Hughes

Cosmetic and restorative dentist

Beaconsfield Dentist

Early Orthodontics

At Canon House, we believe the best smiles are the earliest to bloom. That’s why we offer child-friendly general dentistry alongside early years treatment from US-trained orthodontist Neil Counihan. Early intervention from Neil Counihan and team can prevent minor problems from developing into more serious issues later in life.

Porcelain Veneers Beaconsfield


Applied by Harley Street dentist Mark Hughes, porcelain veneers from Canon House are the zenith of clinical, technical and artistic achievement. The ultra-thin veneers are made from lifelike porcelain chosen for its likeness to the translucency of real enamel for a brilliant yet natural smile enhancement.

Porcelain Veneers

Gum Lifts
& Contouring

Gums are literally the foundation of aesthetic, functional smiles and a poor gum line can draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Alone or as a secondary treatment as part of a full smile makeover, fast, painless laser gum lifts and contouring restore proper proportions and reverse ‘gummy’ smiles for good.



There’s Invisalign treatment and there’s Invisalign treatment by Platinum provider Mark Hughes. Mark Hughes is one of the UK’s few practitioners to hold this coveted status and is also a brand ambassador for the leading removable clear brand. Invisalign treatment with Mark Hughes is your seal of confidence for best-in-class alignment results.

Discret Braces

& Discreet Braces

Invisalign is just one solution from a range of discreet orthodontics available from Canon House. Ceramic braces, lingual (behind-the-teeth) appliances, Incognito and more will challenge the way you think about fixed braces. 

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Crowns & Bridges

Decayed, missing or broken teeth can have a devastating impact not only the way you look but also the way you feel about yourself. Dental implants by Canon House, including the revolutionary same-day All-on-4, restore function, aesthetics and confidence in a single treatment. No wonder they are among the most life-changing procedures available.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We’re pleased to offer market-leading whitening treatments to take home or experience chairside in the clinic. Whitening by Canon House’s experienced cosmetic team is brilliant as either a standalone treatment for refreshed smiles or a winning finishing touch to other cosmetic treatments. 

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

When it feels as though dental health concerns are beyond the reach of conventional treatment, talk to us about advanced smile rehabilitation. Featuring any combination of our winning cosmetic treatments, including advanced surgical techniques, restorative dentistry by Canon House is a new lease of life for even the most neglected of smiles.

Dr Mark Hughes


You needn’t visit our Beaconsfield Clinic to receive a skilled opinion from a member of our team. Follow the link to arrange a virtual smile consultation online.


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Other dentists said Kaitlin would have to have four teeth removed before getting orthodontic treatment. Canon House’s Neil Counihan disagreed. Watch the video to find out how Kailtlin is doing now.

Invisalign Treatment


Following a transformative journey, Sammi decided to finally do something about her ‘snag tooth’. Now she’s learning to smile again—thanks to Invisalign from Mark Hughes and Canon House.

Cosmetic Treatment


James’ fiancee Laura is a dental nurse. So, when James decided he wanted cosmetic treatment, Laura knew exactly who to turn to. Watch the video to see how Dr Mark Hughes transformed James’ smile.

Canon House Beaconsfield

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

M Barnett
reviewed on

5 star treatment from Mark Hughes and the team. Made going to the dentist a pleasant experience. I was treated like an individual throughout and also had not only the gentlest but best hygiene treatment. I would always recommend their services.

Gloria Mcghee
reviewed on

I had an amazing experience from start to finish at Canon House Clinic.I was so nervous but I absolutely love my smile now and the treatment coordinator Liz was brilliant, comforting me throughout my whole journey. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience and I can’t wait to come back for more whitening gels and a coffee!

reviewed on

2 of my 3 daughters attend this wonderful clinic for dental treatment and ceramic braces, one of which had her first course of braces on at age 9 under their early intervention dentist. The staff are brilliant with the children, they put them at ease and are amazing. We are always made to feel welcome and we can’t rate the care higher. We travel an hour to the clinic every 6 weeks and would drive much further if needed, as this level of care is outstanding, it outweighs the 2hr round trip. Booking the initial assessment was the best thing we did for our girls and they are going to have beautiful smiles and confidence in future dental care thanks to canon house clinic.

Christina Jones
reviewed on

There just aren’t adequate words to describe just how grateful I am to Dr Mark Hughes and the team at Canon House. Dr Hughes has transformed my smile and has shown patience and understanding the whole way through the process. He is simply outstanding in his field and his workmanship, I’m only sorry I wasn’t recommended to visit him sooner in life. A visit to the dentist is now a pleasure and I look forward to a warm reception every time. I highly recommend Dr Hughes and his team without any hesitation.

Charlotte Hockin
reviewed on

I had such an amazing experience with Dr Shiv & Chloe. Throughout the last 6 months, they addressed all of my needs and ensured I was fully aware of the process and supported. Dr Shiv was very accommodating with my asking questions, whether that be me messaging his professional business Instagram out of hours or calling the clinic. I have already recommended Dr Shiv & Chloe to family members and friends. So glad I decided to go with Canon House Clinic.

James Smith
reviewed on

Canon House has a lovely team of staff throughout, who provide an unmatched service. I’m very happy with the results of my current treatment plan and would thoroughly recommend anyone to use Canon House to start their cosmetic journey. I can’t wait to see the end result of mine.

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    Get in touch with the Canon House Team to find out more about any aspect of cosmetic or restorative treatment.