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7 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

If your smile has lost its sparkle, become discoloured, or your teeth are stained, you may want to bring the healthy white glow back. You may have already tried whitening toothpaste but found that they do little more than give you a slightly deeper clean. The next logical step is to consider teeth whitening. 

If you search for teeth whitening online, you will probably be overwhelmed by the options available. There are lots of whitening strips and kits that offer to brighten your smile at home. But which is best, and are they safe and reliable products? 

Whitening your teeth is a process that you shouldn’t take lightly. It comes with risks, and DIY kits could have unexpected outcomes. 

Here are seven reasons why you should choose professional teeth whitening. 

1. Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safe

Most teeth whitening treatments today use ingredients like hydrogen peroxide to lighten smiles and remove stains. But without proper care, exposure to peroxide could cause harm. For this reason, there are strict regulations around teeth whitening. 

DIY kits available in shops and online can only contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Prescribed professional whitening products can have up to 6%. This type of treatment is only available from dental professionals. 

But even with lower peroxide levels, readily available DIY kits can still be harmful. 

We use Enlighten, a bespoke whitening treatment with custom-made trays that fit perfectly around your teeth. These trays ensure the even and safe distribution of the whitening solution. 

2. Professional Teeth Whitening Is Effective

Because professional whitening treatments contain higher levels of hydrogen peroxide, they go further in removing stains and brightening smiles. The ensure whitening process is gradual. Over two to three weeks, the whitening solution gradually lightens your teeth. 

Enlighten guarantees a VITA B1 shade, the most natural white on the scale. 

3. Professional Teeth Whitening Is Convenient

Although you will need to come into the clinic at the start and end of your treatment, most of the process happens at home. You will wear the whitening trays each night. This means you can enjoy your normal routine while the whitening solution works its magic. 

4. Your Teeth Will look Naturally Radiant

Some whitening products create an unnatural look. Teeth can appear “too white”, and it becomes obvious that you’ve used a whitening treatment. 

Enlighten elevates your smile to a completely natural shade of white. While the difference is noticeable, it won’t prompt awkward questions or comments. 

5. You Can Smile Confidently

A bright, healthy-looking smile feels good. Loving its appearance makes it easier to show off. And, when you share your smile with the world, people smile back and feel relaxed in your company. Many people find their confidence in their new smile carries over into other areas of their personal and professional lives. 

6. Professional Teeth Whitening Is Minimally Invasive

When you whiten your teeth, there’s no need to worry about pain and discomfort. You won’t need an anaesthetic, and we won’t need to use invasive equipment. The whole whitening process is straightforward and pain-free. 

Before your treatment, we’ll examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy. If you have weak enamel or cavities, we must address this first. Brushing your teeth using a special HAP toothpaste for two weeks before your whitening treatment will help strengthen your teeth and reduce any sensitivity. 

At the end of the at-home stage, we’ll ask you to return to the clinic for a final treatment with us. During this session, we’ll perfect the shade of white and leave you with a smile you’ll love. This step is also minimally invasive. 

7. Professional Whitening Is Legal and Regulated

In the UK, the use of teeth whitening products is regulated. As previously mentioned, this covers the hydrogen peroxide levels permitted in products. It also covers who can perform whitening treatments. 

Only dentists, dental therapists, and dental hygienists can whiten teeth. Any beauty therapists are doing so illegally and are not insured. For the safest and most effective treatment, it’s always best to consult a dentist. 

Enlighten Teeth Whitening at Canon House

Enlighten is a safe, effective, and convenient whitening treatment that delivers outstanding natural results while boosting your confidence. 

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of Enlighten, call us today and book a consultation.

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