17 Jul,

7 Reasons to Make an Oral Hygiene Appointment

Your commitment to your own oral health means brushing your teeth often and visiting us for a routine dental examination twice a year. Fighting tooth decay is a constant battle, and it’s important to never let your guard down in the battle against plaque bacteria.

One highly effective tool in your dental arsenal is to visit a dental hygienist. Oral hygiene appointments provide you with a professional clean at a level you’d be unable to achieve at home.

There are many excellent reasons to make an oral hygiene appointment. This guide discusses seven of the key benefits.

1. Your Teeth Will Appear Cleaner

If your teeth have become dull or discoloured, it can affect your confidence.

At Canon House, we use AirFlow cleaning to provide your teeth with a thorough and professional cleaning. This treatment uses jets of water, air, and powder, leaving your teeth smooth and bright. After treatment, you’ll feel great about smiling again.

2. You’ll Have Fresher Breath

Even when you brush twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash, bacteria can still build up in the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. The backs of your teeth, and your rearmost molars are hard to clean, and you may have debris and bacteria causing bad breath.

A full, professional clean will remove bad odours and freshen your breath.

3. Your Teeth Will Be Healthier

Plaque causes tooth decay, and although you’ll never rid yourself of the bacteria behind this issue, you can manage it through good oral hygiene. Visiting a hygienist adds to the work you do at home to protect your teeth from decay.

4. We’ll Help Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by the same bad bacteria that lead to tooth decay. Plaque and tartar on the edge of your teeth can irritate your gums, causing inflammation and irritation. Gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease, can cause redness and bleeding.

Although the symptoms may seem mild at first, gum disease is progressive and can lead to the loss of teeth and jaw problems. Advanced periodontitis can also damage your jaws.

Thorough, professional cleaning helps you maintain gum health, preventing serious dental issues that could impact your smile.

5. We Can Remove Stains

Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, you like red wine, or have a taste for dark chocolate and berries, stains can build up on your teeth, affecting their appearance. But you don’t have to live with a stained smile.

Using AirFlow, we can remove the extrinsic stains that cling to your teeth; stains that brushing alone won’t clear.

6. We Can Help Reduce Sensitivity

Plaque and tartar on your teeth weakens your dental enamel. As this hard outer layer of your teeth becomes thinner, you’ll experience sensitivity when eating or drinking anything that’s hot or cold.

Visiting our hygienist helps reduce the factors that cause weakening of the enamel, helping prevent sensitivity.

7. You’ll Get Great Oral Health Advice

Our hygienists don’t just clean teeth. When you make an appointment, it’s a chance to discuss the best techniques and products to help you keep your teeth bright, clean, and healthy.

From advice on toothbrushes to tips to help you quit smoking, our team is here to support you with all of your dental care queries.

Oral Hygiene Appointments at Canon House

Maintaining the health and appearance of your teeth is important to us. A regular hygiene appointment can help you take control of your oral health and prevent potential dental issues.

Get in touch today to schedule your next oral hygiene appointment at Canon House.

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