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8 Reasons To Have Regular Dental Checkups

It may seem that despite all the time-saving technology, life is constantly busy. Certain things get pushed further down the to-do list between all the rushing around you do for your family and the things you do for work, education, or well-being. One of these things might be your routine dental checkup.

Taking your children for checkups is one thing, but you might postpone booking an appointment for yourself. Before you know it, it’s been a long time since your last checkup.

After living through the disruption of lockdowns, you might not have ever got back into a routine of visiting the dentist. A dental checkup shouldn’t take too long, but it’s an important appointment as it could prevent several serious problems.

Here are some reasons you should visit us often for a routine dental examination.

1. Dental Checkups Help Us Spot Tooth Decay

Plaque and tartar on teeth can cause tooth decay. Cavities form when acid produced by bacteria breaks down the surface of teeth. You might still develop cavities even if you brush twice daily and avoid sugary food and drink.

During a dental examination, we’ll look for the early signs of decay. Often, if we catch the problem early enough, we can prevent cavities, and you won’t need fillings.

2. Dental Examinations Monitor Your Gum Health

Gingivitis isn’t easy to spot. You may not have noticed a change in your gum’s colour or blood spots and inflammation. At this stage, it’s easy to reverse gum disease. But if gum disease is left untreated, it will get worse.

Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease. If you develop periodontitis, your teeth may become loose, pockets will form in your gums, and your jaw will deteriorate.

3. We Can Detect Hidden Problems

Dental X-rays help us see hidden problems beneath the surface of teeth. Catching problems under the surface of teeth and gums early will make treatment much easier.

4. You Can Avoid Root Canal Infections

Dental infections usually occur when you have untreated damage to your teeth. When an infection develops inside your tooth, it’s very painful. You’ll need root canal treatment to save your tooth.

If we see you every six months, we’ll spot any potential problems that could put you at risk of infection.

5. We Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Looking Smile

A dental checkup may be all about the health of your teeth, but we can also advise you about cosmetic services that might benefit you. Additionally, maintaining the health of your teeth ensures your teeth look good too.

6. We Can Screen for Oral Cancer Symptoms

Many of the early symptoms of oral cancer are easy to ignore, But if we notice these changes during a routine examination, it gives you the best chance of recovery.

Signs of oral cancer include persistent mouth ulcers, spots or lumps, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness in your voice, unexplained weight loss, and red or white patches.

7. Dental Checkups Are a Chance to Brush Up On Your Hygiene

Brushing your teeth every day for years will become a bit repetitive. It’s easy to fall into bad habits, and the effectiveness of your hygiene routine may suffer.

We can give you support that will help you improve your oral hygiene. This could include brushing tips or advice about products.

8. Routine Visits Help You Fight Dental Phobia

If you’re anxious about visiting the dentist, it can put you off getting essential treatments. Dental checkups are simple and painless, and we do everything possible to ensure a relaxed environment.

Building up a relationship with your dentist and becoming familiar with the practice can take away much of the anxiety for future visits. If you ever need an essential dental treatment or choose to have a cosmetic procedure, these routine check-ups will make you feel more comfortable.

Dental Examinations at Canon House Clinic

Routine dental checkups are important in maintaining good oral health. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, we’d love to see you.

Contact us today and book your next appointment.

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