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What Causes Yellow Teeth? (And What You Can Do About It!)

White teeth and a bright smile are held as a standard that we all want to attain. After all, clean, white teeth look healthier. But in the age of Instagram, blockbuster movies, and a constant revolving door of fashion icons, the smiles of influencers, models, and celebrities often prompt us to look at our own teeth.

If you look in the mirror and see yellow or stained teeth grinning back at you, there’s a possibility that your first thought is that your oral hygiene isn’t up to scratch. But the fact is, there’s a bit more to it than that.

Let’s take a look at what causes yellow and stained teeth and discuss what you can do about them.


What Causes Yellow Teeth?


The outside layer of each tooth is made from enamel. This is the toughest substance in the entire body and is naturally white. Your tooth’s enamel should last for an entire lifetime.

Over time, this enamel layer can become thinner. This could occur naturally, due to age, or it may be the result of diet or overzealous brushing. As it thins, the layer of dentin below the enamel starts to show through. Due to the fact that dentin is darker, it can make your teeth appear yellow.


What Causes Stains?


Stains on your teeth can dull the shine of your smile. The most obvious culprit for staining teeth is smoking. Other causes include:

  • Drinking tea or coffee
  • Eating spicy food such as curry
  • Drinking red wine
  • Drinking too many fizzy drinks
  • Eating berries

While there’s no need to give up everything on that list, you may want to consider brushing your teeth after eating or drinking anything that might stain your teeth. You may also want to drink through a straw.


How Can You Brighten Your Smile?


While yellow teeth and staining may not necessarily imply poor oral hygiene, having a bright white smile can improve the way you feel about yourself. Fortunately, stains and discolouration don’t need to be a permanent feature in your mouth, using Enlighten teeth whitening treatment, we can address this issue.

Enlighten is an at-home whitening treatment that can brighten your teeth by up to 16 shades to Vita B1 level. This is the most naturally appearing shade of white it’s possible to achieve.


How Does Enlighten Work?


We’ll start off by taking some impressions of your teeth. These will be used to create your custom whitening trays. 

While your trays are being made, we’ll give you a special toothpaste to use that includes an ingredient called Hydroxyapatite (HAP). This naturally occurring mineral helps strengthen your teeth and reduce sensitivity ahead of the whitening process.

Once your trays are back from the laboratory, you can take them home and start wearing them. To use them, you’ll need to add the whitening gel to the trays and put them onto your teeth. You’ll need to wear them for the next 14 nights. The custom-made trays are comfortable, meaning you’ll be able to relax while they’re in.

To create a brighter smile, Enlighten’s active ingredient will pass through the tooth’s enamel. As it does this, a process called chemical oxidation will break down any stains.

After wearing the trays for two weeks, we’ll get you into the clinic for a follow-up appointment. Here, we’ll carry out a 40-minute treatment that will perfect your new smile.


Brighten Up Your Smile


If your teeth are lackluster or stained, refresh them with Enlighten. Schedule an appointment today to learn about the amazing results possible with this revolutionary at-home whitening treatment.

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